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The Woofy Whisperer

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People today are busier than ever. Prolonged hours at work often greatly reduce the amount of time that can be spent at home with the family pet. Why not make sure your best friend is taken care of while you are away? Dog daycare may seem like a new business concept to many, but the idea of sending Fido off to play and learn for the day has been growing in popularity since the late 80s. The name is fairly self-explanatory; it’s basically daytime care for dogs much like a regular daycare for children. There are several variants of the concept, including daycare kennels, where the dogs are placed in cages or runs alone all day. Others offer a cage-free environment for part of the day. Then, there are those, like Woofy Wellness Ranch, that offer your dog the freedom that comes with a complete cage-free environment.

Located at 5912 Lewis Road in Sandston, Woofy Wellness Ranch has been in business for two and a half years, according to founder and owner Jeff Kellogg. It offers a patented, full-service, canine wellness system. Their list of services includes veterinary, grooming, spa, boarding and training. They take care of all of your pet’s wellness needs, but what is really interesting is the behavior-based day camp. Dogs are placed in closely managed play groups, teaching them how to socialize with both other dogs and people. This behavior-based approach is based on the principles of Dog Psychology first popularized by Cesar Millan, the dog trainer and television personality commonly known as the “Dog Whisperer.”

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If you’ve never caught the Dog Whisperer or Cesar 911 on TV, it only takes an episode to make you a believer in Cesar’s methods. It is an approach that deals with the psychological state of the owner as much as the pet, and it is amazing to watch as problem dogs are redeemed, often in minutes. Bill Howard, Woofy’s behaviorist, spent seven months living and training with Linn Boyke, a protege of Cesar’s and the founder of the School of Dog Psychology in Los Angeles, California. This innovative approach to dog behavior makes Woofy a great place to take your dogs, especially if they have a few behavior issues that you would like to work on. Woofy’s highly trained staff monitors ensure that the line between learning and play is seamless. The benefits of this approach to canine education can carry over into any number of social situations. One Woofy customer, Jennifer, says “I love how they take a holistic approach to the whole dog and work on doggie behavior in addition to playtime.”

In addition to the highest quality care and training, Woofy Wellness Ranch also offers the ultimate in convenience – the Woofy bus. Brightly painted and instantly recognizable, with flexible drop-off and pick-up schedules, the bus offers a safe and enjoyable trip to camp. There are several bus stops in the greater Richmond area, with more opening all the time. Kellogg says they are working with area companies to bring the Woofy Bus to workplaces. Be on the lookout for the Woofy Bus in your area. With this level of convenience and innovation, you would be hard pressed to find a better option for canine care.

I worked with my brother on a series of animated ads for the Ready Player One movie. We re-did the intros from some classic 80's and 90's TV shows, and I did the lettering for the lyrics. It was very interesting to collaborate with others on work for such a high profile client, even if the lyrics are still stuck in my head!


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