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TasteBudz – The Return

Well, this is our very first ever TasteBudz at our new home –  And are we ever excited? Actually, yes we are.  First, just a little info if you’ve been mourning the disappearance of TasteBudz: River City Magazine is now being published by River City Publishing, Inc.  Basically, the magazine is not changing except that it will be getting bigger and better and reaching farther out into the Metro Richmond area.

As part of our getting better, look for new features in the next edition of River City (the March/April issue). For instance, the songbird of River City, Kari Smith will be doing a regular feature called Life After Dark. Kari will be sharing news from the local entertainment scene, especially highlighting upcoming performances at local venues. Of course, Davy Jones will still be doing his Backstage thing and he’ll continue to provide his personal picks for upcoming shows.

More than ever, River City Magazine will be the city’s only true full-color lifestyle magazine devoted to the arts, dining, events and entertainment.  We’ll also have our TasteBudz column in every issue and every week right here at

A true TasteBudz will debut here next week, but as we put things together, here are just a few things to look for in TasteBudz.

NEW BREWS: No doubt, you’ve heard that Strangeways iBrewing is heading into Scott’s Addition? It’ll be their third location. Why are they doing it? Well, because, hey, it’s Scott’s Addition.  That’s where everyone who lives in town or who comes to town heads to drink beer, play games, eat and drink more beer and, oh yeah, cider and mead, too. Well, I’m told that the new location on Leigh Street should be opening its doors by spring.  Stay tuned for even more cool info on the new brewery.

LET THEM EAT CAKE: The popularity of local bakeries is rising as fast as the dough in the delicious array of cakes available around town. In our March issue, we’ll showcase some of the city’s best bakeries. I was in the Cake Bar Cafe over by Willow Lawn the other day. Every batch is made from scratch. I just kinda made that poem up. They do have some delicious cakes, which you can enjoy by the slice. Look for more in March issue of River City Magazine.

Davlen Garris shows off one of The Cake Bar Cafe’s amazing delicacies.


PIZZA AMORE:  I discovered a really cool little New York-style Italian pizza joint the other day. It’s Dante’s of Ironbridge at 10348 Iron Bridge Road in Chester. The restaurant is owned and operated by Sal andJessica Musso. Sal is a native of Sicily who immigrated to America when he was about 17. While living with an aunt and uncle in Brooklyn, New York, he learned the art of Italian cooking in his family’s restaurant. Gourmet pizza by the slice, huge mouth-watering Philly-steak subs, homemade lasagna and tiramasu and cheesecake, which the Muss son Dante prepares right in the kitchen. If you want to make an Italian – New York connection, check out Dante’s.

A MEAL OF HISTORIC PROPORTIONS: I was speaking with Anne Hardwick recently. She and her husband Jim own the fabulous Tanglewood Ordinary out in western Goochland. Do you remember those historic dinners they did last year? You know, when guests had the opportunity to enjoy a meal with Mark Twain or James Madison? Actually, they are actors portraying these guys. Dining with the real James Madison would be creepy. Anyway, Anne says they’re bringing these special dinners back soon. Stay tuned. We’ll give you the details as soon as they are announced. But even if you’re not into history, you’re bound to be into the most amazing fried chicken in America.  They serve chicken, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy and all the fixin’s family style. It’s all so good.

YOU CAN SAY SUPER AND YOU CAN SAY BOWL, BUT YOU CAN’T SAY…: I heard from former NFL running back and now an associate with the Wilton Companies, a local commercial real estate firm. Tim tells me that he’s hosting a S______ B___ party with Emmie Croxford of Richmond moms blog at the Veil brewery. There’ll be football, food, fun, prizes and probably a little beer. There’s also a good cause thrown in for good measure. The event benefits Richmond’s Seven Hills School and E2E Youth Football. For ticket information, click HERE.

Well, that’s going to do it for this little tidbit of what’s to come.  If you have any restaurant news, send it to


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