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We're always looking for new writers who have a story to share. If you're interested in submitting content, please read these submissions guidelines below.
The Community

River City Style is an inclusive space that highlights the very best of Richmond VA through a curation of fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle.

Our Readers

Richmond, VA is a mid-sized city filled with big city style. Our readers are aware of this and enjoy a lifestyle of elevated experience including fashion, style, travel, interior design and the like. Our community thrives because of readers and writers who lend their voices and stir discussion.

Our readers would like to know the latest in beauty and fashion, as well as important changes in our community that may affect our daily lives. She wants to know about the popular “see-and-be-seen” restaurants, which gallery exhibit to attend, where to shop, and even which neighborhood she should consider moving to. She wants to be aware of the who’s-who of Richmond. And because of this, she turns to River City Style to find out.

Our community turns to River City Style for inspirational information. Because of this, we publish articles with a note of positivity and encouragement. Praise is warmly celebrated. Constructive criticism is accepted. Negativity is unpublishable.

What We Love

Topics we love include: Local restaurant recommendations, concert reviews, event suggestions, the arts, entertainment, fashion, style, food & drink, home decor tips, topics concerning real estate, health & wellness, travel, and topics concerning the elevated lifestyle of Richmond, VA.

What We Don’t Love

River City Style do not publish prose, poetry or fictional works.

What are the rules for contributed content? 

We publish content from different people because we want to provide our audience with a series of well-rounded perspectives. However, we may edit your content for quality, clarity and length, but we will try to keep it as close to the original as possible. Additionally, articles

  • Must include a minimum of 800 words.
  • Must convey an authoritative, unique perspective
  • It must be 100% original content.
  • Unless an opinion piece, all content must be based on your own experiences and supplemented by research and/or third-party information, where appropriate.
Please Keep In Mind

Article submissions are not paid. Part of our mission at River City Style is to provide those who live, work and play in Richmond, VA the ability to promote their area of expertise via our platforms. By sharing your personal and professional experiences, you will be granted room to becoming a thought leader and notable taste maker within Richmond,VA. However, there are other benefits, including:

  • Expand your outreach. Content published through the contributor program is shared with over 100,000 readers of our print publication and over 5,000 unique online visitors each month.  Content is also promoted across the RiverCityStyle social feeds, which include Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Promote yourself. Each of your published online articles will automatically link to your profile, where potential clients, customers or mentees can choose to contact you directly.
  • Promote your company. We allow one link to your personal or professional website in every article you create. Not only will this help drive traffic to your page, but it will also help you build your brand.
  • Help others. Our mission is to help people grow their footprint in Richmond, VA. By sharing your stories, experiences and professional thoughts, you can act as a mentor to others.
How do I become a  Contributor?

To become a contributor, you will need to apply. To do so, simply send an email to express your interest. In your email you mist include the following:

  1.  A short bio
  2. Your general area of interest:
  3. Links to previously published content
  4. Stories you might want to cover
  5. Links to your personal social media to help us verify your identity

The information you provide in your email allows us to evaluate whether or not you are a good match for River City Style.

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Once you have been accepted, you will be invited to create an account where you can upload your short bio, an image and other content.  Your account must be fully completed before your articles are published.