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There’s nothing showy or pretentious about Vito Bellantuono or his Midlothian restaurant, La Cucina. Without making a big production of it, Vito simply continues to serve some of the most delicious Italian food in town. He describes the restaurant as “offering true Italian cuisine with rich flavors.”

Vito, a native of Mola DiBari in southern Italy, opened his first restaurant when he moved to Richmond in 1995. But even before that — in fact, since 1978 — he’s been in the business, having first worked in his uncle’s restaurant in Brooklyn.

In 2010, he brought his mastery to Midlothian where he opened La Cucina. When asked what he loves most about being in the business, Vito says, “Creating new dishes and meeting the wonderful people who dine with us.”

For our Chef’s Choice, Vito chose to prepare his Kingklip Filet in order to call attention to his “fish of the week.” Every week, he creates a dish using seasonal flavors. The kingklip, perhaps the most popular seafood in South Africa, is seared and prepared with lobster ravioli and served in a cannellini and brandy sauce. Molto buono!

11440 W. Huguenot Rd, Midlothian  |  804-378-8940  |


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